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Sinethemba “We Have Hope”

It may seem like such a small word, “Hope,” yet it has the surprising capacity to awaken, persevere and overcome. Where hope exists, anything is possible. Where it is absent, there is no greater hell. A person’s eyes can tell you in an instant if hope is present. Eyes overflowing with hope invite change. Eyes vacant of hope feel like wells of despair. By far the greatest poverty is not the absence of money…

Starting a Garden After the Loss of a Job

We would like to introduce you to Zama. Dan first met Zama almost a year ago. At that time, she was freshly graduated out of an agricultural institute, and had just started working at a call centre (a job she hated), because that’s all the work she could find and she needed a job. Dan […]

A Rich Legacy for a Beloved Director: Sandra Tjart

In early 2009, we met Sandra Tjart for the first time. We often wonder what she thought of that first meeting. Here were 2 Calgarians, a Worship Pastor and a Women’s Community Leader sitting in front of her in her office explaining their dream to move to South Africa. There had been no background, no […]

A Week of Mentoring New Trainers in Our Annual In Field Mentoring

Every year, the Farming God’s Way family of trainers, and up-and-coming trainers, meet somewhere in sub-Saharan Africa for a week of upskilling, encouragement and training into a particular location. We call this week, ‘In-Field Mentoring’ (IFM). The time together is crucial for building our network of trainers and ensuring the highest possible quality and standard […]

Compost Making in Ethiopia

Compost is such an important topic in our Farming God’s Way training. Using readily available ingredients to make rich organic inputs for soil is an excellent way of helping people to see that they have rich resources available. We spent a whole afternoon in Butajira making compost with our Ethiopian participants. They will now have […]

To See Ethiopia Become A Flourishing Food Producing Country

The wealth of Africa depends on her ability to conserve and manage her land resources. It is a well-known fact that soil degradation not only results in decreased food production but also in droughts, ecological imbalance and consequent degradation of the quality of life. In Africa, the most conspicuous symptoms of the negative impact of […]

Increasing Our Impact in Rural KwaZulu Natal

A woman diplays her magnificent cabbage in Ntambamhlophe. Photocredit: Nicole Jones   Fear has gripped the village of Shayamoya in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province after the discovery of a decapitated body. The family of Zanele Hlatshwayo, 25, who has been missing since July, believe she was a victim of a cannibalism ring that has so far […]

Being a Part of the Bigger Picture

There is no organization called, “Farming God’s Way.” No bank account, no board, no employees, no articles of incorporation. Farming God’s Way “is a resource given to the wider body of Christ, to equip the poor and break the yoke of poverty.” It is a tool that teaches people to apply God’s given hope and […]