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Sinethemba “We Have Hope”

It may seem like such a small word, “Hope,” yet it has the surprising capacity to awaken, persevere and overcome. Where hope exists, anything is possible. Where it is absent, there is no greater hell. A person’s eyes can tell you in an instant if hope is present. Eyes overflowing with hope invite change. Eyes vacant of hope feel like wells of despair. By far the greatest poverty is not the absence of money…

Our Future: Building a Network of Trainers

A part of our ministry philosophy is to always try to work ourselves out of a job. The main idea here is spiritual multiplication through intentional discipling: making disciples who make disciples. One of Dan’s disciples is Zephania Mbuyisa, whom he has been discipling for over three years through the work at Seed of Hope. Since I met Zeph, […]

Our Vehicle Theft Saga

One constant of our life in South Africa is that there are always challenges that we probably wouldn’t be dealing with if we were living in Canada. A few short weeks after our arrival back in South Africa following our Home Assignment, our car was stolen right out of a large parking lot of a […]

The Problem With Rats and Curses

We have learned quite a bit about Zulu culture and religious practice, and yet we often feel we know so little. Our day to day interactions are always influenced by Zulu culture, and we have had Zulu friends teach us about traditional belief and practice, but every once in a while, we experience it up […]

Planting the 4th Crop of Maize in Mdumezulu

The season of planting is consistently a highlight for us. Soil that has been properly cared for has been increasing in fertility and is literally pregnant with possibility. Add high quality seed at the right time, with sufficient moisture in the soil, and the result looks like a miracle – every time. We are excited […]

Back In South Africa

Our hearts are full of rich memories having visited with so many of you while in Canada for our 5 month Home Assignment, May – September. We were in many of your homes for a meal, and we are so grateful for your generosity in sharing of your lives with us, and for your partnership […]

Urban Exposure in Toronto

It’s been three years since setting foot in Canada and we knew there would be change. Still we found ourselves marvelling at the sheer scope of development in Ottawa and Toronto. In Toronto especially, massive high rises continue to go up and change the skyline dramatically. The city is a concrete jungle. As I looked […]

Farming God’s Way in Sarnia, Canada

Food is a foundational and basic human need. Without access to food, families find themselves in crisis mode and decisions made in crisis mode are never the best decisions. So often the thought is that hunger exists only in Africa, but access to food or the lack thereof affects Canadians as well. Thirteen percent of […]

A Tribute to Our Network of Friends

“I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.” ― Helen Keller It has become a significant realisation in these Canadian home assignment months, that we are not walking alone. In this BLOG we want to pay tribute to all the people who continue to be interested in us and […]

Community Gardening Thriving in Calgary

We have discovered something wonderful in Wildwood! Dan spent a morning with a dear high school friend, Alison Laberge in her local community. Alison dreamt of starting a community garden in Wildwood, Calgary and worked with other community members to make that dream a reality. In the photos below, you can see what they have […]

Oh The Places You’ll Go!

When our son Jeremy was born, a few people gave some wise advice, “Cherish every moment because it goes by too quickly.” At the time we were surrounded by diapers, baby burp cloths and wet wipes… lots of wet wipes. That advice has come back to my heart these last months before Jeremy begins his […]